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Robin helps shopkeepers and service providers (doctors, electricians, hairdressers, etc.) to be online within seconds and reachable by customers thanks to an app.

Robin is the easiest way to get your business online. Born to help small traders and service providers, it gives you a toolbox where you will find the tools to fight against the giants of online commerce.
You merchant access the portal and create your offers, people receive, on the App, the best offers for them.


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Charts and reports

To monitor the progress of your offers,
help you process useful information about your customers and improve the effectiveness of your promotions

Easy to use and quick to manage, Robin doesn't waste time on unnecessary configurations, forced passages etc ...
You take a picture and upload an offer and Robin will take care of the rest.

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Is it almost time to close?

Create your last minute offer "Roast Chicken 50% off"
Potential customers in the area will receive your offer.
You don't waste food and they are happy

Canceled appointment?

Create an offer and check if anyone in your area needs an haircut.

They get it at a great price and you don't waste your precious time.

Regular customers?

Stop using slips and coupons!

Keep track of how many ice creams Mario has already bought and give him a welcome gift at the right time. He will certainly appreciate it.

New customers?

Have him open the phone's camera and frame the QR code.

They will find the app in a second and lead to join your loyalty program.

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And start discovering the benefits of Robin!


They will rediscover the charm of small businesses

People download the App and start receiving offers based on their preferences and location.
Through the App they can send appointment requests, book your promotions or monitor how many loyalty points they have collected at your business.

Thanks to the intelligent management of notifications, people receive the right number of offers, the app is not invasive and thank's to that, the people who will reach you or contact you, will already be interested in your products and services.


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